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Don’t Put Your Money on Me – Klay Thompson Describes Pressure To Avoid Warriors Teammates’ $5,400,000 Outcome



If there is one thing Klay Thompson is known for, aside from his excellent basketball shooting, it is his outspoken personality.

In other words, Thompson likes to keep it real. He recently teamed Splash Brother Stephen Curry against NFL stars Pat Mahomes and Travis Kelce in Capital One’s “The Match”.

During a recent appearance on the Paul George Podcast, Thompson revealed that he was under a lot of pressure because he was well aware of his limitations in golf.

Previously, Curry and Peyton Manning faced Barkley and Phil Mickelson for $5,400,000. Curry lost the match to the NBA legend despite Barkley’s limitations in the sport.

The loss ended up costing Steph an opportunity to donate $5,400,000 to her favorite charity. This time, with Splash Brother Clay, Curry was ready to go it all out and take home the prize.

However, the Warriors duo lost in the showdown with their NFL counterparts.
Klay Thompson is suggesting to his friends that they put their money on Stephen Curry, not him

When he met Paul George, Thompson said he put a lot of effort into the match, leading his friends to believe he would put in a great performance. The four-time NBA champion also added that seeing him train hard, his friends tried to bet all their money on him.

However, Thompson warned them not to do so. When he learns they did, he tricks them into believing that they actually bet their money on Carrie. Thompson said this on the podcast.

“All my friends are like, ’cause they bet, they like sports betting and stuff and they say, ‘You and Steve are my favourites, just like Emma puts all the money in. Mine is on all of you.'” I’m like, put all your money into Steve. Don’t put your money on me. ”

Referring to his poor performance in the match, Thompson added that he had trouble hitting the ball because he was so nervous. My little game that day was folly. I can’t hit a knockout.

Holes, that’s the hard part… I haven’t felt this nervous at any sporting event since game one in the 2015 final.” It may not have been Thompson’s lack of skill that cost the Splash Brothers the match. This was his first round of golf in a public event and he must have been nervous. Curry recently won his first championship

Chef Curry won his first American Championship of the Century at Edgewood Golf Course in Lake Tahoe. He won the league less than a month after losing “the game” to the NFL All-Stars.

While Curry has recently become one of the best golfers in the NBA community, he has proven that all the hype is well deserved. He performed excellently in the first round and scored a goal in the second round.

It was a big moment for the four-time NBA champion. He took off his golf hat and ran to the touchline to hug his wife, Ayesha Curry.

While there’s no sign of Steph slowing down, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Warriors star pursue golf professionally after retiring from basketball.