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10 Years After Buying $9.2 Million Brighton Mansion, Ricky Ponting Bought $20.75 Million Luxurious House In Toorak Cricket



Ten years after buying a Brighton mansion for $9.2 million, Ricky Ponting has bought a $20.75 million luxury home in Toorak.

Ricky Ponting moved to Toorak after living in Brighton for 10 years.
Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting bought a luxury home in Toorak earlier this year.

Ponting and his family made the difficult decision to change ground after living in their Brighton mansion for a decade.

The same thing happened mainly due to the change in family priorities after a hiatus of 10 years.

Ponting bought the mansion in Brighton in 2013. The main reasons for buying this property were access to schools, the beach, proximity to good friends and more.

However, their needs changed over the years, forcing them to sell their house and buy a new one in Toorak.

Before moving to Melbourne Bayside, Ponting lived at his family home in Sutherland Shire, Sydney. They sold this home for $4,275 million.

Additionally, the Ponting family owns a luxurious bungalow in Portsea which they purchased for $3.51 million in 2019.

Ponting bought the mansion for $20.75 million. The same property was for sale for $19-20 million, but Bunting overpaid because they loved the place. The house is spread over 14,000 sqm with open plan indoor and outdoor living areas.

Children at Ponting love to play sports and there is a tennis court and an adjoining swimming pool to help them.

There is also an in-house office filled with memorable moments from Ponting’s distinguished career.

It is a 6 bedroom property with a marble kitchen. The property is just 50 meters from Fisherman’s Beach.

TV personality Eddie McGuire and businessman Lindsay Fox also live in the same neighborhood. Ponting said his wife’s parents live near Toorak. In addition, his children’s sporting needs also forced them to leave their luxurious home in Brighton.

“My son and daughter – all of their sporting activities are on this side of town so to be honest, we were pulled in that direction,” Ponting said as reported by

Ponting took a break from international cricket in 2012. He bought the house in Brighton for $9.25 million a year later. The mansion has seven bedrooms, and one of the bedrooms has direct access to the pool.

The late photographer Shane Warren also lived in the same area. Ponting’s wife, Rhianna, admits that a visit to the Warren home made them both fall in love with the area.

The house also has a private beach access. Rianna agrees it’s the best during Melbourne’s strict COVID-19 lockdown. Families can go to the beach as they like and enjoy their time.

Besides the pool, there is also a lighted tennis court, fire pit, bay window, and more. There is also a large oak tree in the garden.

Mike Gibson of Forbes Global says the property attracts a wide audience because of its location. A site of 1900 sqm and easy access to the beaches makes it an ideal location.

“Popular neighborhoods like this, especially in a recognized prime location, have tremendous appeal,” said Gibson, as reported by

This house is actually larger than Toorak’s house in Ponting. They sold the property earlier this year for an asking price of $16 million. Ponting appears to have made a decent profit on its sale.