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You “Should Be Fighting At 160 Or 168” Mayweather Tells Errol Spence



Floyd Mayweather Jr. said that if he coaches Errol Spence Jr. Then he wouldn’t be allowed to fight at 160 or 168 pounds instead of 154 pounds, which is the class he’s aiming for after losing three welterweight belts to Terrence Crawford.

Floyd knows that going to 154 won’t be the answer for Spence. He’s 168 pounds, and if he tried to fight in the middleweight class, he’d be just as exhausted as he was when he fought Crawford. Errol looked like he was about to starve to death when he entered the ring for his match against Crawford.

Chris Williams has never seen a boxer look as hungry for calories as he did with Spence. Mayweather clearly saw Spence’s deteriorating, emaciated physical condition (28-1, 22 KOs) in his undisputed welterweight fight with Crawford on July 29, and looked at him, knowing he wouldn’t be able to move any better. 154.

“If I were coaching Spence or were in his corner, I don’t think he would have to fight at 147 pounds. I don’t think he should be fighting at 154 lbs. I think he should fight at 160 or 168 pounds, but I have no idea,” Floyd Mayweather Jr. told FightHype of Errol Spence Jr.

When some fighters want to fight, our job is to line them up. We fight, we fight. We will always fight for the best, Floyd said.

Spence looks like someone who has gone through an extreme weight loss program with milkshakes and fat free rice and looks like he is about to crash at first hit. Looks like Spence is on the Jenny Craig diet.

You can always tell someone has lost a lot of weight on their body because their head looks too big for their body, and that’s clearly the case with Spence. Pumpkin-headed, Spence looks like someone in solitary confinement living on a diet of bread and water.

You could say that 154 or even 160 wouldn’t be the answer for Spence. It should get down to at least 168 and maybe even 175.

When you see Spence walking around 200 pounds and looking hard at that weight, that’s a sign that he doesn’t belong in the 147 to 160 range. Obviously, Spence should forget about the rematch with Crawford if he goes up to 168 because Terrence said he wouldn’t break the 154-pound weight class.

Crawford fans won’t be happy to hear what Mayweather says about Spence having to go up to 160 or 168, because they will feel Terrence took credit for his win.

Spence looked sick from a lack of food against Crawford, and if fans don’t want to admit it, they’ll have to live in denial. They’ll finally see the truth when Spence drops to 168 and shines bright like a diamond, full of life.

However, if that is meant to be the case, then so be it. He’d better forget Spence Crawford if he can’t fight him at full strength in the weight class the frame fits him in at 168.

Why did Spence starve himself and suffer another defeat against Crawford by fighting him at 154 instead of 168 or 175? If Crawford is going to play it safe for the rest of his career at 154, let him stay there.