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“l “I’m Still Trying To Process This, Lollapalooza What The Hell” – Shaquille O’Neal Marvels At The “Biggest Crowd Ever” At His DJ Diesel Set



DJ Diesel has captured the life of Shaquille O’Neal as the big man takes advantage of his off-season vacation.

Shaq went on a European tour last month with her son, Miles O’Neil, performing across the continent. Nevertheless, Diesel returned to the States after a long and turbulent trip, and immediately received the task of entertaining fans.

As if to show their appreciation for Shaq’s hard work and dedication to his craft, Lollapalooza witnessed the largest gathering of fans dancing to DJ Diesel.

The remarkable turnout overshadowed even the Lakers legend himself despite his familiarity with the global superstar.
Last month, Shaq had fun with her son, Miles, during their European trip.

The duo has performed in some amazing places including Spain, Ibiza and Croatia. They also greatly enjoyed performing in Mykonos. Lollapalooza crowd stuns Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq performed at the recently concluded Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago. The festival takes place in Grant Park in downtown Chicago, overlooking the shores of Lake Michigan.

The performance is by no means ordinary.

The appearance of DJ Diesel has attracted a sea of ​​people swirling around the passionate music. The wave of fans gathering in front of the stage against the bright Chicago skyline was definitely a sight to behold.

Shaq couldn’t contain his excitement after witnessing the crowd’s energy. Shaq wrote on DJ Diesel’s Instagram account. He added, “Lollapalooza is the biggest crowd I’ve ever been in.”
Shaq does DJ for the money

In addition to his intense performances, Shaq’s real personality also attracts people to his DJ set. Shaq once admitted that he lost performing at DJ parties.

So, the big guy isn’t doing it for the money. On the contrary, he does it in order to feel the excitement of the audience.

It reminded him of his NBA days. The big guy has been pretty consistent with his DJ gigs, especially during the summer.

While most of the NBA stars are on vacation, Shaq performs his music all over the world.