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Dominique Crowder, Mia Ellis Win GTD Challenge Title



Dominique “Dimes” Crowder and Mia “KillerBee” Ellis win home titles at the GTD Challenge, which takes place August 5 at Coppin State University’s Physical Education Complex in Baltimore, Maryland.

The event marked the promotional debut of Nicky Cobbs and Brandi Murphy from BadGurl Promotions, teaming with Calvin Ford and Kenny Ellis from GTD Promotions (Gervonta Tank Davis).

The GTD Challenge is a very exciting event that includes amateur matches, professional debuts and many promising prospects with a chance to compete for the title.

The beginning of the cards is Mayweather Promotions and Jalil “Major” Hackett based in Washington, DC. When he defeated Jorge Rodrigo Sosa (6-8, 6 KOs). Hackett immediately set the tone in the first round by getting inside, delivering accurate shots and showing good punching position.

Midway through the first half, Jalil Hackett made a powerful left hook, followed by a left header and a powerful shot to the body that knocked Jorge Rodrigo Sosa to his knees.

Sosa was still able to continue, but 25 seconds later, Hackett hit a body shot that put Sosa back at the plate.

Sosa survived the first round, but in the second, Hackett focused on attacking his opponent’s body.

Sosa then attacks from top to bottom and then drops a left hook that knocks Sosa down a third time.

The bout continued as the two boxers had a tense exchange, but during the exchange Sosa was caught with a forehand and then ended the fight. With the win, Jalil Hackett remained undefeated and improved his record to (7-0, 6 KOs).

In the co-main event, Mia “KillerBee” Ellis (7-1, 6 KOs) defeated Jessica Emerick and was awarded the lightweight title by the National Boxing Association.

With a 5-inch height advantage, 5-foot-9 Mia Ellis immediately takes advantage of her height and reach by setting up her reach and reaching out with her right hand several times.

Ellis was able to deliver elegant plays and connected powerful jabs to Emerick’s body. Jessica Emerick managed to recover in the second half when she managed to come in and pull off a powerful combination.

Unfortunately for Emerick, when she unleashed her best attack of the match, she was caught with a counter hook that sent her crashing to the canvas and abruptly ended her night.

The empty belt was up for claim in the main event as Baltimore’s Dominic “Dimes” Crowder picked up a decisive unanimous decision victory over Kenny Dimicillo of the Philippines (17-7-7). -2, 10 KOs) and won the WBA International bantamweight belt.

In the first round, Crowder stepped forward while performing the lunge. He continues to raise his level with his jab, and continues with some sharp swings with his right hand.

Crowder started the second round with a combination on difficulty two. Demicilo was doing his best to get in, but Crowder’s stab and 1-2 combination made it impossible for Demicilo to continue.

Round after round, Crowder controls the distance while controlling the action with his punches, right hands, and combination punches.

The sixth round was Demecillo’s best round as he was able to quickly pin Crowder with a rope and unleash a barrage of blows.

Other than that, it was an easy fight to score as Dominic Crowder won by unanimous decision and improved his record to (16-0, 10 points). With this win, Crowder secured the WBA international title and promotion privileges in the Official Boxing Rankings.

In other results of the evening, Rafiullah Yari (1-1) defeated Christopher Wright (0-3) by KO in the second round. Sean “Silky” Hemphill (16-1) super middleweight defeated Christian Thomas (11-4) and got the stoppage in the sixth game.

The featherweight duo made their professional debut when Damari Filson (1-0) beat Adrian Edwards (0-1) within the first minutes of injury time. After Filson was penalized during the first half, Edwards informed the referee that he did not want to continue.

The middleweight pair also made their professional debut when Mona Gregory (1-0) defeated Jemorian Smith (0-1) by first-round knockout.

It took Gregory less than 30 seconds to deliver a devastating right hand jab, followed by a vicious left jab that instantly ended the match.