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Stefanos Tsitsipas Wins 10th ATP Title Of His Career In Los Cabos



Tsitsipas will now drop from fifth to fourth in the ATP rankings. He was as tall as the third. © 2023 Getty Images

Stefanos Tsitsipas capped off a dream week in Los Cabos on Saturday night by defeating Alex de Minaur 6-3, 6-4 to claim the ATP 250 title.

It was the first Greek ATP title of the year and the tenth of his career – it was also his first ATP title on outdoor hard courts.

“I feel like we both want to go out today and play a big final,” he said. “I felt it was a great match – Alex showed great tennis and I tried to keep up there as much as possible.

“So I’m happy we made it today. We can have a great final. “I think that was the thing that stood out the most, the incredible quality of the game and the huge audience that was, as always, present and engaged.”

Tsitsipas won four ATP titles in his hard court career against Los Capos, but all of that took place on indoor hard courts. He currently has a total of 5 ATP titles on hard courts, four on clay and one on grass. Tsitsipas will now drop from fifth to fourth in the ATP rankings. He was as tall as the third.

Tsitsipas seemed destined for a less complicated victory as he led a set and broke 6-3 3-1, but De Minaur won the next three matches to lead 4-3 in the second set.

But the Greek player hit back with three straight shots to end the game, winning after a long rebound as De Minaur’s forehand moved long. Tsitsipas is currently leading 10-0 in league matches against De Minaur, his best individual game to date at league level.

De Minaur is actually the first player to beat him 10 times at this level, let alone 10 out of 10.

The Australian has won two of his three meetings below tour level. Both players are expected to move up the ATP rankings on Monday after their matches in Mexico, with Tsitsipas rising from fifth to fourth and De Minaur from 19th to 18th.

Both will now travel to Toronto for the National Bank Open, a Masters 1000 event.

Tsitsipas is the fourth seed there and a first-round bye, while de Minaur – who came close to leaving the seed by one point – will face 11th seed Cam Nouri in the first round.