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“Makes Me Laugh” – Tennis World Number 1, Carlos Alcaraz Speaks On Kylian Mbappe To Real Madrid Transfer Saga



“Makes Me Laugh” - Tennis World Number 1, Carlos Alcaraz Speak On Kylian Mbappe To Real Madrid Transfer Saga

Carlos Alcaraz and Kylian Mbappe may not play the same sport, but they sure have some other things in common.

The thing is, they are both world superstars, having won the biggest titles in their respective sports. Reports claim that Alcaraz is a Real Madrid fan just like his idol, Rafael Nadal.

On the surface, Alcaraz admires and admires the Frenchman so much that he wants to see him play for the club he supports. Speaking at a press conference ahead of the Rogers Cup, a journalist asked Carlitos about the years-long transfer story between Mbappe and Real Madrid.

The world number one has a smile on his face as he tells everyone what he thinks and what he wants to happen.

Carlos Alcaraz knows football well enough to know that Mbappe is just as game-changing as he is.

Naturally, he wants to see the PSG player trade Paris for Madrid and ply his trade with Los Blancos.

In response to a question about this, Alcaraz indicated that all Real Madrid fans love to see Mbappe play with them because he is one of the best bettors in the world.

“All Real Madrid fans want to see Mbappe in Madrid. He is one of the best players in the world. Everyone wants to be on their team. Mbappe in Madrid, that made me laugh. I hope people read that Mbappe is coming to Madrid. I want.”

Mbappe’s transfer story is central to most transfer windows. Every season, fans expect that the young player will finally have the opportunity to attend one of the biggest tournaments, especially the Spanish League.

But so far, things have not gone well with Mbappe being closely linked to the Paris club.

But this time, things look different. Mbappe is in the final year of his contract and if PSG don’t sell him now, they will have to let him go for free next year, which will be seen as a crushing defeat.