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You Gilbert Arenas Now?: ‘Overconfident’ Stephen Curry Lookaway Shots Had LeBron James’ Former Teammate Baffled



Taking seventh overall in the 2009 draft, Stephen Curry is an exciting prospect. Despite the injuries he suffered early in his career, Steve proved to be interesting right from the start.

However, Curry was not considered a real threat in the league until the 2012-13 season. Many consider Curry’s release party to be the Golden State Warriors game against the New York Knicks on February 27, 2013.

The sharpshooter hit 11 three-pointers on his way to scoring 54 points. Saying that the match made Curry the player he is today, former LeBron James teammate Iman Shumpert compared the Warriors’ player to Gilbert Arenas.

Gilbert Arenas is one of the best defenders of the 2000s who loves to play in this day and age. Agent Zero was one of the best long-range shooters at the time.

Being ahead of his time, there are campaigns where Arenas has made more than 7 runs from the 3-point streak. Remember back then the game wasn’t as focused on the three points as it is today. After watching Steph hit nearly a dozen shots from outside the arc, Shumpert’s faith compared Arenas.

Iman Shumpert believes the Knicks have made Stephen Curry the player he is today

According to Iman Shumpert, the 54-point game against New York made Curry the player he is today. Shumpert believes Steve is capable of hitting three-forty and all-court pitches because of the confidence instilled in him after the game against the Knicks.

In his appearance on the latest episode of the “All The Smoke” podcast, the 2016 NBA champ opened up about what happened 10 years ago. Dude, before we knew it the guy was 50 and Garden (MSG) was cheering him on. I was a sick guy…then this light-skinned guy got super evil. Oh, that’s the truth.

He started shooting it when he was 40 years old. He started turning around when he shot. Like oh, you’re Gilbert Arenas now? I think we ignited the confidence that came in. “Because after that match, my brother was very disrespectful,” said Shumpert.

Steve turned off the lights that day. Scored 18 goals on the court, and former Davidson Wildcat made 11 three-pointers on 13 attempts. The baby-faced killer stepped aside and backed up and switched on and off the dribble, hitting all sorts of controversial three-headers.

Of course, in our time, multiplayer can shoot from a long distance. However, at the time, comparisons to Gilbert Arenas were fair enough.

As Iman mentioned, Steve’s confidence skyrocketed after a 54-point performance. In the upcoming campaign, he would average 24 points and 8.5 assists, while also earning his first All-Star and All-NBA nods.

Soon after, Curry won back-to-back MVP honors and also lifted the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Today, Curry is considered one of the greatest defensemen in league history and would go on to become the greatest announce carry of all time.

Gilbert Arenas once claimed he was better than Curry

Gilbert Arenas will be remembered as one of the most dynamic goalkeepers of his generation. In the 2000s, he was an interesting player to watch. However, for most fans, there is no doubt that Curry is the better player of the two. However, Agent Zero does not believe him.

According to Arenas, he would be the best player if his career ended at the age of 25. “I got hit at 25. So if you catch me at 25… Steve won’t hang out with me.”

But it took until the age of 25 to stop. At the age of 25 there are no three tournaments. There is only one star. I was a three-time All-Star and three-time NBA Champion by the age of 25.

So there are not many of us at this age. Allen Iverson was only two years old! … twice that age. But you have to stop it at 25.

While the scene can be a bit spicy at first, given the circumstances that Arenas is set in, it seems reasonable.

Unfortunately for him, however, his career does not end at the age of 25. And with what he’s achieved since his mid-twenties, there is no doubt that Stephen Curry is the best player of all time.