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Mark Cuban Confirmed He Wasn’t Trying To Get A Lakers Star



Once free agency began, rumors swirled that the Dallas Mavericks would attempt to add LeBron James to the roster.

Kyrie Irving, who was a member of the 2016 Championship squad alongside James, has reportedly expressed his desire to reunite with his former teammate.

Although it was speculated that Irving would sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, Mark Cuban & Co. They can still keep their star Point Guard.

Unfortunately for Irving, the $5 billion owner recently revealed that the Texas side is closing all doors in pursuit of The King.

It’s no surprise that LeBron James and Kyrie Irving wanted to share a locker room. Kai called the Mavs head office, looking for them in exchange for James.

While the star attacker made clear his preference for Rob Pelinka & Co. – Purple & Gold wants to press for a 6ft 2in guard.

Unable to land “Uncle Drew,” Bron expressed his disappointment but didn’t lose sleep over it. Mark Cuban has revealed that the Dallas Mavericks will not be promoting LeBron James

Mark Cuban recently appeared on Bobby Altuve’s “The Really Good Podcast.” While the two don’t talk much about basketball, there is a pivotal moment in the episode.

At one point in the hour-long video, Cuban reveals that the Dallas Mavericks are not going to use all of their resources trying to get LeBron James.

After Althoff expressed her gratitude to the four-time MVP, I asked Cuban if LBJ was weird.

Bobby: “Is he a maverick?”

Cuba: “No, he didn’t.”

Soon after, Althoff asked if there was any chance the four-time NBA champion would wear a Mavericks jersey.

To quell the rumors, Cuban politely refused. Instead, the 65-year-old stresses the fact that Luka Doncic is still a member of his squad.

Bobby: “Are you trying to get him (LeBron)?”

Cuban: “No. We have a guy named Luka Doncic.

Considering the Mavericks’ free agent moves, LeBron’s lack of presence wasn’t surprising. After Kyrie was re-signed, the team traded Grant Williams and signed Seth Curry as a free agent.

Certainly, even if the Mavericks tried to recruit James, there would be no way Cuba would break up with Doncic. Apart from the Slovenian star, the team has no compelling assets to offer.

For LeBron, there were doubts about his retirement. However, in the ESPYs, the icon made it clear that he hasn’t left the game yet, which is a point where LeBron can still play. Cuba tried to buy LeBron in 2010

Several teams were interested in acquiring LeBron James when he first split from the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010.

The Dallas Mavericks have also invested heavily in adding the superstar to their roster. Although LeBron was committed to joining the Miami Heat, Cuban did everything he could to change his previous mind.

After failing to woo James, Mark Cuban finally announced his scripted exchange in an interview with ESPN.