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‘Give LeBron James A Pill To Calm You Down’: Carmelo Anthony’s Humor ‘Can’t Handle’ Lakers Star’s High Energy



LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have been considered generational talents since their high school days.

The two engaged in the biggest duel in high school. Despite this, James and Milo are best friends, and unlike many friendships that sour over time, the two superstars remain close.

Although they are good friends, the only occasion they team up before 2021 is for their country. And when two friends meet, there are bound to be funny stories.

The same thing happened at the 2008 Olympics, when two stars were on the same team. Carmelo Anthony has teamed up with LeBron James at the Lakers for the 2021-22 season, but even then his early days are over.

After playing two seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers, Carmelo, 37, joined LeBron in Los Angeles. Anthony failed to come up with numbers like those he easily scored on his best days.

Matching the level of LeBron James may seem achievable, but maintaining the same level over the long term is not.

Anthony just didn’t match his level in 2008, when he had to order LeBron’s “calm” pills because of their intensity.

Carmelo Anthony tells energetic LeBron James to ‘calm down’

In a replayed video from a 2008 Olympics practice session, LeBron can be seen throwing the ball and bouncing sideways, while other American players watch.

In the video, Milo is seen sitting on the pitch with his arms outstretched. When he saw LeBron training hard at that intensity, he exclaimed, “Give Bron the pills to calm down.”

But nothing bothered the four-time NBA champ as he continued to pounce on the ball. LeBron’s contribution to Team Redeem 2008 is not limited to this area.

Jason Kidd recently talked about the importance of the LeBron factor on the team. His playful nature makes Kobe very serious with sharing and joking, which helps temper his competitive spirit.

In the Team Redeem video, Kobe is seen smiling while James playfully imitates NBA announcers.

Despite his comedic presence, LeBron remained one of Team USA’s leaders at Team Redeem 2008. While Bryant was known for his serious nature on Mamba, LeBron led by keeping light energy and mingling with his teammates.

Bryant is a great teammate, but he expects his teammates to focus on the work.

LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Team USA give Chris Paul the heavy duty

LeBron James has formed some of the biggest rivalries and some of the most amazing friendships in the NBA.

His friendship story with Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony will live long in the hearts of fans.

It seems that CP3 went through a lot when he was a rookie in the league and was also tortured by his friends.

In 2006, Paul is seen being teased by his young friends and forced to do his homework.

Dr. Wade, who was signing CP’s autographs, began to pester him and then slung the bag over his shoulder. Seeing the former Miami Heat legend do just that, the Team USA players did the same.

Perhaps the funniest situation came when James did the same. All four players have had very successful careers. However, Paul was looking for a ring and Milo retired without a ring.