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$20,000 per semester? It’s Easy’: Shaquille O’Neal, After Her Father’s Death, Promised To Take Care Of The Family



Shaquille O’Neal often has to deal with the weight of her stepfather, tough love Phillip Harrison.

Coming from the military, Harrison was very strict when raising Shaq. Despite this fact, O’Neill has the greatest admiration for his stepfather.

After Phillip’s unfortunate death, the Los Angeles Lakers legend promised his dad to take care of his entire family.

In an Instagram clip, Big Aristotle reportedly agreed to pay $20,000 for college tuition for one of his family’s children.

Philip Harrison had a huge impact on Shaquille O’Neal’s life. In addition to helping Lucille O’Neal raise a good kid, Harrison is also responsible for passing on Shaq’s passion for basketball.

Moreover, Harrison initially coached Shaq in the sport after he fell in love with basketball after watching Julius Irving play.

Shaquille O’Neal promises to take care of the whole family

@shaqdieseldaily posted an excerpt from the ‘Shaq Life’ video.

In the movie, Shaq is heard talking about a promise he made to Philip Harrison before he died.

After Harrison’s disappearance, Shack vowed to defend his family and provide for each and every one of them.

Today, O’Neal has amassed a staggering $400 million net worth thanks to his success as an NBA player and savvy businessman. True to his promise to his father-in-law, Diesel uses the property to take care of the entire family.

As mentioned in the clip, Shaq didn’t hesitate before agreeing to pay $20,000 for tuition for one of the family’s sons. That’s what he said about her.

“My father taught me a long time ago that it is a man’s duty to protect and provide for. Now that the donation amount is gone, the second person in charge is me.

I protect them and provide for my family. My brothers and sisters family. my mother’s family. This is what you need to do as a man.

$20,000 per semester? Kinda Plain. The university must pay, let the godfather take care of it. Do you want a new car? Leave it to the old man. Chuck said.

It’s been almost 10 years since Philip Harrison passed away. It’s pretty safe to assume that he’d be incredibly proud of the man Shaq has become. One thing is clear, with Shaq in place, no one in his family will have financial difficulties.

Why didn’t Shaq get married?

Despite the dating rumors, Shaq has not remarried since her divorce from Shoni O’Neal was finalized in 2011. During a podcast appearance, O’Neal humorously revealed how his three daughters will act as wives.

“I have four wives. I have 3 daughters. This is a man’s job. A man with his daughter and wife are equally responsible.

Protect, provide, love. In fact, they act like wives. ‘where are you going? What do you do? who here? Chuck said.

From what it looks like now, Shaq is still single and happily taking on the responsibilities of a loving family man.