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Spence Advised About Not To Go Into Rematch Fight With Crawford In 2023



Spence Advised About Not To Go Into Rematch Fight With Crawford In 2023

Coach Kenny Porter says he doesn’t think Errol Spence Jr. Getting back in the ring this year for a rematch with Terrence Crawford in a rematch after the sustained defeat he suffered last weekend when he lost by technical knockout in the ninth round was a good idea.

Spence has a rematch clause in his contract, with a written deadline, stating that a rematch must take place this year, leaving Errol with no choice but to play Crawford in December.

Kenny feels Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) took too much punishment in nine rounds so he returns to the ring in December to face Crawford (40-0.31 KOs) in a rematch.

Porter also believes Crawford needs a break for the rest of the year, having had a grueling training camp and putting a lot of heart into this fight.

Although Crawford didn’t get much punishment during his fight with Spence, he did have a tough camp and likely took a lot of beating during his build up.

“Wanted to punish Spence” slowly
Kenny says he thinks Spence should have been pulled out of the fight after the sixth round when it was clear that he’d lost every round and needed a knockout to win. With Spence’s power and speed not present, he wasn’t going to score a knockout to pull out a victory.

“Me, personally, I wouldn’t want to see that, but if he decides to go for that and they make that at 154, I know he’s going to do better. He believes in himself, and he’s a warrior, and he believes he can beat Terence,” said Kenny Porter to Fight Hub TV about Errol Spence Jr. wanting a rematch with Terence Crawford.

“That opportunity should be three for him if everything is in place in terms of his health. Definitely not this year. This year, to me, is over with.

Spence should have pulled out earlier

“Definitely there,” said Kenny when asked if he would have halted the fight in the seventh round after Crawford dropped Spence twice. After six rounds in a fight, and you haven’t won any of them, there’s no way you can come back on those scores.

“On the scorecards, you can’t come back. You need a knockout to come back. You, as a trainer, you can see that your guy isn’t going to be able to come back from this.

“He’s down too far on the cards; he doesn’t have the power on the pop on his punches, and he’s not able to hit this guy with anything substantial to change the direction of this fight. So as each goes on, he’s just taking more and more punishment. So, I would have definitely said, ‘That’s enough, son. We’ve had enough. That’s it; we’re done.’

“It’s also up to the trainer to say, ‘My guy is not going to win this fight,” said Kenny.