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Robeisy Ramirez Wants Unification Fight Next After Defeating Satoshi Shimizu



Robeisy Ramirez Wants Unification Fight Next After Defeating Satoshi Shimizu

Two-time Olympic gold medalist and now featherweight champion Robessey Ramirez (13-1, 8 KOs) defeated No. 11 Satoshi Shimizu (11-2, 10 KOs), stopping him in the fifth round in a successful defense Tuesday night at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan.

Robesi casually punched 37-year-old Shimizu all night and knocked him out in the fifth round, connecting with repeated head butts to knock the Japanese fighter out. When Shimizu’s nose bled profusely after standing up, Robesi finished him off with a series of after shots.

Referee Ramon Pena had no choice but to stop the match, as Shimizu was wrapped in a blanket and received continuous bombs from Robese without responding. The contest has been paused at 1:08 on Thursday.

This fight is a very frantic display for Robeisy to stay active while fighting a man who will allow him to showcase his talents to the world. After the bout, Robese said he was ready to take on the other featherweight champions, Luis Lopez, Lee Wood and Rey Vargas, in a unified fight. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that any wars will follow. Final punch stats:

Robeisy landed 100 of 227 punches with a 44% contact rate. For his part, Shimizu landed 22 out of 187 punches thrown at a 12% contact rate. Shimizu had some success when he was out, throwing punches non-stop, but most of his punches hit Rubizzi’s glove.

Ramirez wants a future unit

Robisi Ramirez: “Now I’m heading into a united global struggle. I am ready to go to Japan, Scotland, England and Mexico, where we have to fight. I will always be ready to do my job.

Ramirez, he’s very strategic in the ring. Tim Bradley told ESPN to beat Satoshi: “He understood when he needed it, Shimizu came a lot of energy, and Ramirz decided when he decided to launch his group,” Tim Bradley told ESPN.

“She’s lethal, precise, and very precise, which is too much for Shimizu. He plays hide and seek with his opponent. It’s jack in the box. He pops up, lifts that protection, deals a few blows on his arm, and when he’s ready to strike, he explodes. Oh my God.

“The combinations he throws, the explosiveness, the precision, it’s scary, it’s killer, it’s no joke. It gets down to the body, it gets down to the head, it changes levels. “He can punch with his back foot, but he’s become a deadlier hitter, sitting on top of the punches,” Tim said of Robese.

Ramirez has developed his style

Ismail Salas has done wonders for him. You must understand this. When you have 300, 400 amateur games, it’s hard to break that mold, that amateur mold.

I remember his first fight when he arrived. He’s got all these flashy makeups, all these moves and all these weird dances.

“He doesn’t do that anymore. He’s in the ring to hurt his opponents, and that’s what I saw tonight from Robbie Ramirez.

“Rubici, look how he’s developed in terms of power-to-pair ratio, but his opponents couldn’t do anything about it,” said Joe Tessitor.

“I mentioned all the great boxers who lost their professional debut. What I’ve never seen is someone who has this kind of arc in their career. Mark Kriegel said. Journeying from Cuba, he lost his professional debut, and in a short time became a champion and rebuilt his form and fitness. Now it is subversive.

“This is the eighth knockdown of his thirteen wins, and he’s trying to win by TKO in five,” said Joe Tesiori. “He’s in elite business at the moment.”

Mark Kriegel said of Robeisy: “He’s also developed an incredible, world-class design. “It’s like his home fight. Again, he’s a very different boxer than what you saw in his debut in Philadelphia.

“I think in every respect and emotionally if I think about what happened 12 months before he made his professional debut.

“It was a heroic, heartbreaking escape from Cuba, and when he removed that tattoo he said, ‘I’m out of here or dead.’” He was very serious about it. This part of the story is unlike any other you’ve seen.