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Naoya Inoue Dominates Fulton With 8 kOs



Naoya Inoue Dominates Fulton With 8 kOs

In one of the most anticipated matches of 2023, two of the sport’s best fighters went head-to-head as Naoya Inoue defeated Stephen Fulton (21-1, 8 KOs) in eighth-round stoppage time and won the WBC/WBO super bantamweight belt on Tuesday, July 25 at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan.

Prior to the match, a controversial issue was raised regarding Naoya Inoue’s hand-spinning. Coach Stephen Fulton accused Eno of using more layers of bandages to form a bandage at the end.

The way Ino uses his hand bandages usually follows the rules in Japan. However, Naoya Inoue decided to comply with Camp Fulton’s request, and on the night of the battle, Inoue’s hand was wrapped in the traditional manner.

In the first round of the 122-pound title fight, Stephen Fulton decided to stand in his pocket and shoot a jab. Naoya Inoue started the round by moving her head and juggling with her feet, but in the first half, Inoue connected with her powerful kick.

Points: Inoue vs. Fulton: Can Naoya’s strength outshine Steven’s

Challenger Naoya Inoue had a strong second round, hitting several strikes and touchdowns. In the third round of the title fight, Inoue successfully changed the level with a jab and then a right forehand.

Fulton connected with a right hand leadoff in the fourth, then continued his defense. After Fulton went on the offensive later in the same round, he was able to make some powerful single shots, but wasn’t able to combine any combinations.

In the fifth round, Fulton unleashed a three punch combination that may have been his best streak to date. Inoue responded to the fight as both fighters finished the gunfight, but by the middle of the fight, it appeared that Inoue was the faster fighter and had complete control of the fight.

When the bell rang to start the seventh round, Inoue walked out and continued to land continuous blows on the defending champion.

Fulton responded with a hard combo touchdown, but later in the same inning Eno blew multiple touchdown combos.

In the eighth round, Inoue lunged to the body and landed with a right forehand, followed by a left hook that knocked Stephen Fulton down.

Fulton managed to get back to his feet, but as the match went on, Inoue hit Fulton’s head, prompting the referee to step in and end the match.

With this win, Naoya Inoue won the WBC/WBO super bantamweight title, and also captured the world title at four weights. It wasn’t surprising that Inoue won, but what was surprising was how easily he defeated Fulton.

The Inoue-Fulton conflict is fun to watch, but it lacks drama because Fulton is a complete underdog. Naoya inoue Volton defeated his speed, his own shooting, and the powerful and destructive boxing power.

Naoya inoue (25-0, 22 Ko) won the championship championship in the fourth WBO Championship. Inoue is the former undisputed world bantamweight champion, and he’s planning to win a second, this time at super bantamweight.