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Andy Cruz Looks Forward To Fight For World Titles Sooner Rather Than Later



If Andy Cruz gets anxious before a match, he won’t let it affect his performance.
As an amateur, the Cuban star succeeded as expected. He rarely suffered defeat, with only 9 losses in 140 victories.

Cruz also won everything imaginable, including an Olympic gold medal, against Keyshawn Davis. The landings on American soil were lengthy due to a number of failed defections, but once that barrier was broken, Cruz wasted no time.

A few days after his arrival, Cruz revealed that his career would begin with Matchroom Boxing and promoter Eddie Hearn. This past weekend, Cruz was thrown straight into the fire.

In his professional debut, the 27-year-old faced endurance driver Juan Carlos Burgos. Despite his struggle in the match, Cruz, pardon the pun, won by a margin.

Cruz explained that he would analyze his performance and spot bottlenecks so he could accelerate his professional learning. “I will learn a lot from him,” Cruz told Boxing Social. “But I’m glad I won.”

Cruz insists he’ll break his ride and get better, but given that he’s been winning nearly every second of every lap he’s going to sit back and enjoy a near-perfect win. As for what might happen next, Cruz won’t have to struggle to find a suitable opponent.

Currently, the lightweight has a slew of rising stars, mixed with some veterans and well-established contenders.

He may only have one win under his belt, but Cruz has planned a path that will take him to a world title. It won’t happen right away, but Cruz will eventually speed up the championship process.

“It depends on how things go. It’s about discipline. I want to go and fight the big fights I can and will get in as quickly as possible.